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I recently lamented not having the time to do something. I don’t remember what that something was, but it was probably a hobby-related something. My middle daughter retorted, “You have the time. It’s just not a priority.”


That’s true, I suppose.


But this past month has shown that even if something is a priority, there isn’t always time to do it.

For example, having a tidy house is sort of a priority of mine. I’m not a fanatic cleaner (Unless I’m angry about something. Then I go into “rage-cleaning” mode), but I don’t want to exist in a slovenly environment with chaos spilling out of every room. However, chaos reigned here for a few weeks as we helped our oldest daughter transition from college life into adult life. There was an apartment to find (not so easy to accomplish as EVERYTHING was waitlisted), an apartment to move out of, furniture to shop for, moving to help with (that involved a U-Haul, help from the grandparents, and an entire day), and her old room to tidy up when she left.

Then there are the other two kids. One moved home from college for the summer. The other will be heading to college in the fall so there are all the preparations and forms for that and a graduation open house to plan.

And finally, there’s the cat who decided that now was the perfect time to get sick. A slew of lab work showed she is actually pretty healthy for a 16 year old. Her kidneys are just not working quite up to par, though the function is still in the normal range. She was treated for a UTI with (thankfully so I didn’t have to shove pills down her throat) an antibiotic injection. Here she is the day after visiting the vet still feeling angry about it all:

She rarely takes a good photo, but this one is probably the worst.

In what little spare time remained I worked on prepping the garden and other outdoor work, exercising to maintain my sanity, and cooking vaguely healthy meals. We also managed to squeeze in a day of hiking.

Finally, on Saturday, I sat down in my deck chair intending to put my feet up and read and promptly fell asleep. Saturday night I sat down on the couch and fell asleep there also.

But on Sunday…I spent some time sewing. My Lemon Pepper quilt is finally staring to come together. After piecing all 100 blocks, I began sewing them into rows. I’ve completed 5/10 rows and have 4 of them sewn together. I am loving this design! It looks so complicated but is so simple.

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