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They Can’t All Be Pretty

I have a confession to make. Well, actually two.

#1 – All the quilts I’ve made aren’t pretty.


#2 – I don’t like all the quilts I’ve made.

Allow me to introduce you to Ugly Quilt #1.

I don’t hate everything about this quilt. I like the way the color placement draws the eye and creates a larger pattern. I like the red fabrics I chose. I even like the green. Everything else…blah. I’m especially disgusted by the white fabric. I’ve made several quilts with white as my neutral fabric choice, and I’ve disliked half of them. White shows every wrinkle, every speck of dust, and every seam pressed the wrong way. I have no idea why I still use it.

I loved the sample quilt in the pattern book. (I can’t recall the name of the book as it was years ago when I checked it out from the library and made this quilt.) The author/quilter used some gorgeous bold colors, which worked so nicely together. Where I went wrong was in using stuff from my stash rather than purchasing just the right colors that would have played well together. I needed a bold orange to go with the bold red. My yellow was too pale. Purple would have been much nicer than the blue.

For now this ugly thing hangs in the corner of our piano room, hidden partially behind music stands and other musical paraphernalia. Perhaps, in time, I’ll make something new which I’ll proudly hang in that corner.

I’ve had minimal time to spend in the sewing room this week. Here’s why:

We had several cords of wood delivered in anticipation of a major snowstorm and at least a week of temps forecasted to be in the single digits. I don’t know if you realize this, but you gotta get that wood stacked before the snow falls on it. Otherwise it gets buried and frozen together in a massive heap. (Experience taught us that!) So, for four hours, over two days, we worked our arm and back muscles getting everything neat and tidy.


…my scrap project is languishing, the blocks gathering more and more cat hair as Rosie, the cat, spends more time napping on it than I spend working on it. I’m also hoping to design something, perhaps a table runner, for St. Patrick’s Day. Time, though, is not my friend so it may not be finished until next St. Patty’s.

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