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Loving This Quilt Pattern!

I found a little time to sew yesterday and ended up with a heaping pile of blocks for the Lemon Pepper quilt. Sadly, I don’t have quite as many as I need to begin assembling the top. I hadn’t decided when I first began cutting out the strips needed for this quilt whether I was going to make the lap size or the XL lap size. I had enough fabric for the larger version, but I wasn’t certain if I wanted to go that big, as quilting a large quilt on a regular sewing machine can be quite a challenge. I just love this combo of fabrics so much, though, that I’ve decided the XL lap size is the way to go. If I find the time tomorrow, I’ll start working on the 32 blocks I still need.

Since I don’t have much progress to share on this project, I thought I’d share an older wall hanging.

This one is definitely showing its age. I can’t recall how many years ago my mom and I got together to make these–it was probably around 20 years ago, as we stopped doing much sewing together after my second child was born and definitely didn’t do much at all after the third one came along.

This little wall hanging was made of nine paper-pieced hearts. We had no actual pattern for the hanging. We pulled paper-piecing patterns from the internet and then decided how we would tie them all together.

You can really tell how long this has been hanging on the wall by the difference between the backing fabric and the sashing fabric. The front has faded significantly. I’ve found that different fabrics seem to react to light differently, which probably has something to do with how high quality the fabric was to begin with. That particular black/purple floral was most likely purchased from Joann Fabrics, as that was where I purchased most of my fabric then.

(I recall standing in line at the cutting counter FOR AGES when they’d have a big sale. I think we were able to get a yard for $1.99 or some equally ridiculous low price. Now it’s over $10/yard at the nice quilt shops! I probably sound like an old person…”Back in my day the fabric was so cheap you could get 5 yards for what you pay for 1 now!”)

This little wall hanging hangs in the guinea pig room…the room formerly known as the reading room…the room that will one day be the yoga/plant room when the guinea pigs move in with our middle daughter (their owner) when she graduates from college and moves to wherever she’s going to live. Until that time comes, my husband and I get to cater to the demands of those two tiny tyrants and get to enjoy their little wheeks, chatters, and chirps whenever she’s away at school.

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Another Scrappy Pillow

I took a brief break from the three more time-consuming scrap projects I was working on to start yet another scrap project that I knew I could finish quickly.

This pillow was made from scraps from a larger project. There were so many scraps that I’ve been able to complete two pillows and two table runners. There are still scraps left! I may make a third pillow. Why not?!

I’ll admit, I wasn’t all that fond of the pillow top when I got the squares sewn together. I looked at the green, and I was like, “Blah.” How could those fabrics play so nicely together on the large quilt I made but not on this little pillow?

But, I let it sit overnight, hoping I was just in a mood (they are many right now) and would like it in the morning.

Nope. Still hated it in the morning.

I thought about picking it all out and using something other than the green, but that would be soooooo much work.

Then inspiration struck as I looked at the dandelions on the green fabric.

For a while I’ve wanted to do an embroidery project using dandelions. Why not incorporate that here?

So, I did. I looked at pictures of dandelion embroidery on Pinterest (and, strangely, dandelion tattoo images, because tattoo images are great embroidery patterns) and went from there. The only things I drew on the fabric before I started embroidering were the stems so I would know where I wanted them to go. I added tiny gold beads to the tips of the whatever-those-things-are-called that you blow off the dandelion…the “fluffs?” I also added the word “Wish” on the bottom.

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Luna: Assistant Fabric Arranger

I pulled out a Work in Progress yesterday, laid it out on the floor to see how many blocks I still needed to sew, went outside, and came back to this:

Her name is Luna, and it appears she did not approve of my block arrangement and wanted to show me a better way to lay everything out. What is it about pets and projects? Why do they always have to lay on them? For years I had cats on my projects. Now it’s dogs!

I’m excited to get back to working on this project. I’ve used so many neat fabrics. There are frogs and elephants and flowers, and who knows what else I will find to add!

Yesterday morning, I finished another project. This quilt was made with a few pieces from my stash and a charm pack I received free when I ordered fabric from Missouri Star Quilt Company. I outline quilted with monofilament at approximately 1/4.”