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Fancy Flowers

Modern Flowers Skinny Quilt

It was supposed to be a table runner. Then I used white fabric for the background. As a person who squirts blueberry juice everywhere when cutting up waffles topped with them and thus has a selection of purple-dotted table runners, it seemed ill-advised to lay anything comprised of white fabric on any surface where I might be dining.

So now it will be a wall-hanging. The bad news is, I’m running out of walls to hang things upon. The good news is, the house is incredibly well-insulted with all of the quilts covering the walls. The question is, how many quilts would I need to hang for the house to be so well-insulated that we wouldn’t need to purchase propane or firewood in the winter?

This past week I finished cutting out the flowers and dots and stems and ironed them all in place. I found that a Teflon pressing sheet worked well for ironing on the bits that hung over the edges of the hanging so they didn’t stick to the ironing board. Those overhanging bits were later trimmed off.

Next week I hope to do the blanket stitching around the edges.

The pattern is Modern Flowers Skinny Quilt by Jennifer Jangles. There were options for three different sizes given. The wall quilt measured 54″x14.” The table runner was clearly designed for a table the size of which is only seen in lavish dining rooms in Jane Austen-esque movies/television shows. It finishes at a whopping 72″ x14.” If it were a little wider, I could totally hide under the thing. Finally, there is a bed runner measuring 108″ x 14.” I’ve never really understood bed runners. They seem to be all the rage in hotels these days where they spend more time sliding off the bed and onto the floor than they spend actually decorating the foot of the bed.

As I wanted to use up fabric from my stash, I was limited in the length I could make the hanging, The largest piece of background fabric that I liked in my stash was just over a yard long, so that’s what I went with.

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When Will the Scraps End???!!

My frustration level is high. Let me tell you why.

I have scraps. So, so many scraps. I’ve been diligently (maybe not as diligently as I’d like) working my way through the mounds and mounds of scraps.

And guess what?

The piles aren’t getting any smaller. The pieces are, but the piles? Not so much.

How is this possible? And will I ever be rid of them, or will they just continue to multiply like rabbits no matter how many projects I use them in?

Allow me to present Scrap Quilt #2:

I finished this quilt top over the weekend when I, amazingly, had several hours to spend in the sewing room. Summers are more for hiking and outside projects than for sewing for me, so I haven’t had much chance to work on any quilts over the last few weeks. This one had been sitting there just needing to have the last block finished, so I put aside the other quilt I’ve been working on to get this one finished.

I’m using everything in these scrap quilts. Unused blocks, little scraps, long scraps, thin scraps, thick scraps, a leftover pieced strip from the second quilt I made way back in 1999. Each block is 16×20, making a finished quilt size of 46.5″x58.5.” It finishes at a nice lap quilt size. For those of us who are vertically challenged, we can easily cover from our toes to our nose with this size.

I will probably hold off on quilting this one until fall or winter. I’m not a fan of having a pile of fabric and batting in my lap on warm summer days, though the last few days have had me pulling out the long underwear and long-sleeve jammie shirts in the evenings. (I’m not complaining. It is a welcome change from the almost 90 degree days we were seeing just last week.)


Scraps Scraps Everywhere

My scrap situation has gotten out of control! (And the quantity of Works in Progress to use up those scraps has also gotten out of control.) To mitigate both these situations, I’ve put off starting any new quilting projects until I solve this “problem.” Here are the scrap projects I’ve been working on:

Scrap project #1 uses up triangles and strips. I got this idea from Crazy Mom Quilts, though I believe her quilt tilted every other triangle so the strips were vertical rather than horizontal on the finished product. I sew the strips to paper triangles, then peel off the paper once they are sewn together. I still have maybe 50 more triangles to make before I have enough for a lap-size quilt.

Scrap project #2 is miniature pineapple squares. These are great for using up itty bitty triangles and the tiniest of scraps. (One thing I’ve noticed is as I trim up my triangles for project 1, I have lots of leftover little bits that are perfect for project 2. I’m starting to think I am simply creating even more scraps as I attempt to use them up.) I haven’t decided how many of these pineapple squares I want to make, but I’m generating quite a stack. I am not looking forward to peeling off the foundation paper.

Scrap project #3 uses larger scrap bits and involves sewing “chunks” of fabric together, and then matching those “chunks” with like size “chunks” until I’ve sewn a 14″ block. So far I have 2 1/2 pink blocks and 1 purple block finished. I’m planning on 16 blocks eventually, which should yield a lap quilt. I was shocked to find that I didn’t have very many purple scraps. Thus, there may only be one purple block in the quilt. My pink scraps are legion, so there will be plenty of pink blocks!