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A Less than Joyful Process

In my last post, I mentioned that, along with a lap quilt, I finished a small wall hanging in April…and I was only about 5 months too late completing it in time for the holiday season. There’s nothing like trying to find the motivation to finish a holiday project when the season has passed and you’re more than six months from it coming around again.

I’ve written about this project previously. Sometime last year I received this free pattern and a free panel of Ten Sisters Easy-piecing grid while attending Inspiration Day at InterQuiltin in Traverse City, MI. You may recall me complaining about how the easy-piecing grid did not make things easy-peasy.

It is possible that the sample I received was old and the glue was not as gluey as it could have been, but what I found was that I had to continuously schlep back over to the ironing board to repress fabric squares that were falling off the grid. I believe I could have completed the pattern much faster without the grid.

One other issue I noted with the grid after completing the project is that the seams are rather prominent. I believe this is due to the added thickness of the grid “fabric.”

While the pattern made a cute little hanging, the grid “fabric” gets a thumbs down from me.