Pumpkin Spice and Everything Halloween

Just kidding about the pumpkin spice. I am not a pumpkin spice kind of gal. At least not when it comes to beverages. I like my pumpkin spice where it belongs…in pie. And, even then, it’s not my favorite thing. I’m a bigger fan of pecan pie or blueberry pie or apple pie with a thick, crunchy coating or lemon meringue or even this strange concoction of a pie made with buttermilk and not much else. Pumpkin pie is WAY down on the list of favorite pies.

However, despite my lack of fondness for pumpkin spice, I love love love to decorate for fall and Halloween. I like the oranges and reds and yellows and blacks. I like the pumpkins and jack o lanterns (though I don’t actually enjoy doing the carving myself as the pumpkin guts give me itchy arms). I like the cute witches and scary, warty witches and skeletons and bats.

So in honor of the upcoming fall season and upcoming holiday which I have ALREADY decorated for, I wanted to share with you a small wall-hanging I finished several years ago. I believe the pattern was from an edition of Quiltmaker magazine that my mom had given me a subscription to for either my birthday or for Christmas for several years.

The pumpkin and spider web design was transferred onto a scrap piece of muslin. My aging brain can’t remember if I used colored pencils or crayons to color in the design. (I believe I used colored pencils. Then I did the majority of the embroidery with black cross-stitch floss, using a strand of sparkly silver with the black for the spider webs. I added a black border and a green border and (after quilting in those seams) covered my sewing seams with orange and silver ribbon.

This was a project that I thoroughly enjoyed completing.

Hint: Basic children’s coloring pages make great embroidery patterns if you can’t find an embroidery pattern that you like.

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