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A New Year (Thank Goodness) & A New Quilt

I don’t quite know what happened to 2020. One day I was happily going about my usual routine when all of a sudden our daughters needed moved home from college and our son’s career tech school classes went online. We went from having one kid still at home to having EVERYONE here ALL THE TIME!! To say that was a shock to some of our systems and schedules would be a bit of an understatement. (I’m sure so many of you can relate.)

But we persevered and, thankfully, remained healthy through kids returning to work (one at a nursing home where she was not overjoyed at being subjected to the pesky swab up the nose on a weekly basis), a summer internship that was not cancelled, in-person college classes for one daughter over the summer and through the fall, a return to in-person learning (for a few months at least) for our son, and our weekly grocery shopping trips (which is pretty much the only time I leave the house and interact with strangers). I escape the four walls for adventures outside in the fresh air as often as possible, though.

Throughout the year there was much time for quilting but no desire/energy/who knows what to blog about anything. So now it’s time to catch up!

This quilt (which I started working on at least a year before I finally got around to finishing it) is Box of Chocolates from Skip the Borders by Julie Herman. I love everything about this quilt except for the many chunks of scraps I had left over after cutting the pieces. My scraps have been multiplying like rabbits and I’ve spent months attempting to get a handle on the population explosion. (More on this in the future!)

I kept the quilting simple so as not to distract from all of the cute fabrics I used from my stash.

There are several blocks with fluffy sheep. (This fabric is probably one of my all-time favorites.)

I used cute, tiny elephants.

I’ve got funky frogs.

And my absolute favorite combo of fabrics EVER. I only had a fat quarter of this particular floral and wish I had yards and yards of it!

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