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Triangle Madness

I saw the idea several years ago on the Crazy Mom Quilts blog. Little did I know it would take 558 triangles and a REALLY long time to make a lap-size quilt. (The “really long time” was totally my fault. I get bored working on the same project and doing the same thing over and over again, so I had to put the project aside many, many times.)

To do this project, I drew up an equilateral triangle pattern and made a whole lot of copies. Then, I sewed scraps down onto the the paper foundation. For quilting, I meandered all over using a variegated thread.

One would think that I would have made an incredible dent in the number of scraps in my “collection” while making this quilt. One would be WRONG!

Where in the world are all of the scraps coming from? I have so many even though I’ve been mainly making scrap projects since the beginning of the year.

I think I’ve determined the problem. As I sew a large scrap down and then trim to size, I am creating even more scraps…just smaller ones.


I truly love how this quilt turned out. There were some frustrating moments…such as peeling all of the paper foundation away and when I accidentally quilted a crease into the backing which resulted in much quilting being picked out and more pinning being done. (Lesson learned: Pin way more than you want to!) Despite the frustrations, it is a beautiful reminder of all of the pretty fabrics I’ve used in so many other projects.

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