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Another Scrappy Pillow

I took a brief break from the three more time-consuming scrap projects I was working on to start yet another scrap project that I knew I could finish quickly.

This pillow was made from scraps from a larger project. There were so many scraps that I’ve been able to complete two pillows and two table runners. There are still scraps left! I may make a third pillow. Why not?!

I’ll admit, I wasn’t all that fond of the pillow top when I got the squares sewn together. I looked at the green, and I was like, “Blah.” How could those fabrics play so nicely together on the large quilt I made but not on this little pillow?

But, I let it sit overnight, hoping I was just in a mood (they are many right now) and would like it in the morning.

Nope. Still hated it in the morning.

I thought about picking it all out and using something other than the green, but that would be soooooo much work.

Then inspiration struck as I looked at the dandelions on the green fabric.

For a while I’ve wanted to do an embroidery project using dandelions. Why not incorporate that here?

So, I did. I looked at pictures of dandelion embroidery on Pinterest (and, strangely, dandelion tattoo images, because tattoo images are great embroidery patterns) and went from there. The only things I drew on the fabric before I started embroidering were the stems so I would know where I wanted them to go. I added tiny gold beads to the tips of the whatever-those-things-are-called that you blow off the dandelion…the “fluffs?” I also added the word “Wish” on the bottom.

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