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Luna: Assistant Fabric Arranger

I pulled out a Work in Progress yesterday, laid it out on the floor to see how many blocks I still needed to sew, went outside, and came back to this:

Her name is Luna, and it appears she did not approve of my block arrangement and wanted to show me a better way to lay everything out. What is it about pets and projects? Why do they always have to lay on them? For years I had cats on my projects. Now it’s dogs!

I’m excited to get back to working on this project. I’ve used so many neat fabrics. There are frogs and elephants and flowers, and who knows what else I will find to add!

Yesterday morning, I finished another project. This quilt was made with a few pieces from my stash and a charm pack I received free when I ordered fabric from Missouri Star Quilt Company. I outline quilted with monofilament at approximately 1/4.”

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