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Easter Egg Table Runner

I was thrilled to have my sewing machine back last Thursday. It’s so quiet when it runs now, which made me wonder if something was wrong! I will do my best to oil it more frequently and take it in sooner for routine servicing. When you can’t recall the last time you had your machine serviced, it has been much too long.

While I had planned to make another pillow out of scraps similar to what I used last time, a pattern that I’ve had for a long time caught my eye. And, since Easter is coming, I thought I would finish something holiday-themed long before the actual holiday rather than the day of or long after.

The original pattern (found in the Spring 2013 edition of Quilts and More magazine) was a bit different than what I made. There were five eggs and a wider border (with some adorable chick blocks). I would have loved to include the chicks somewhere, but I’ll have to save that part of the pattern for another project. The original finished size was much too big for our kitchen table.

My changes:

I opted to only make three eggs. This reduced the length by more than 20.”

I eliminated the wide border and went with a 1-1/2″ strip of pink fabric.

Instead of using a satin stitch to outline the eggs and the egg decorations, I used a small blanket stitch. (The eggs were Wonder Under-ed down first.)

For quilting, I used invisible monofilament by Superior Threads. I like how thin it is, and it seems to behave better than most monofilaments. I don’t think I’m the only person who has difficulty sewing with clear thread. I set my tension at 2 and place the thread in a jar that sits on top of my machine. I’ve found that if I put it on the sewing machine spindle, it tends to come off obnoxiously and get all tangled up. Then it breaks and makes a mess! I’m not certain how or why the jar works, but I’ve had less trouble with that solution than any other I’ve tried.

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