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Welcome to Lazy Saturday Quilts!

Hello from Northern Michigan–Up North…not to be confused with the UP–where our winters are long and the need for warm, cozy quilts draped over beds and couches is great.

My name is Susan. That’s my husband and me in the photo. When we aren’t finding crazy places to have adventures (like Turkey Run State Park in Indiana where the photo was taken), adding hiked miles to our North Country Trail goal (as we do every summer despite a harrowing number of tick encounters), spending time with our kids and pets (3 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 2 guinea pigs), or working (I’m a musician), I like to get creative in the sewing room.

Join me as I share what I’ve made (like the quilt on the right that was a 19-year project begun when I was pregnant with my eldest daughter and finished the year she graduated from high school), share new projects that hopefully don’t take 19 years to complete, provide free patterns and ideas, and give my opinion on everything quilting or crafting related.

Project note: This pattern was Feathered Star from Heirloom Quilts. It was listed as a skill level 5, which as a new quilter I had no business attempting! That’s probably why it took 19 years. The pillows on the far right and far left were the Bear’s Paw and Geese over the Mountain patterns from the same book. I believe I found the pattern for the star pillow in the middle back on Pinterest. The other two were of my own design. All were made from leftover scraps and all were quilted by me on a regular sewing machine. I’ve since vowed to never quilt a queen-size quilt on my machine again!

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